Frozen Fur Ski Adventure

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Frozen Fur Ski Adventure
Status Proposed
First iteration 2023
Charity TBD
Subject Outdoor furry

Frozen Fur Ski Adventure is a proposed furry mini-convention expected to occur over MLK weekend starting in 2023 at a Ski Liberty in Pennsylvania.


Frozen Fur Ski Adventure started out know as Fuzzfest. It's been an idea dating back to 2017, and was first mentioned in June of 2018 as an event that could be held in the DC Metro Area during the summer, albeit in the form of a Rave.

The idea, however, was scrapped in favor of more practical, smaller events. However, with Maryland Furs beginning the process of incorporation in mid-2019, the idea was thrust again into the forefront.

In late 2019, the idea of doing a ski trip, something sorely lacking on the East Coast was proposed to be an alternative to Fuzzfest and the name Frozen Fur Ski Adventure, was settled upon.



To be added when complete.

Supporting staff[edit]

Charity No charity has been determined at this time, however, it is expected that a human welfare charity will be chosen along with an animal-related on as well.


To be added

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