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Not to be confused with Frost T. Wolf.
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Frost the Wolf (born January 2, 1996) is a Australian fursuiter, fursuit maker, and artist. She lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


As a child, Frost used to act like a cat and lion. She was made her first costume when 4-5 by her nana(grandmother).Frost first discovered the furry fandom when she was 13 years of age. She saw the record of 'Largest furry fan club' in the Guinness world record 2009 book and was very interested by it. A few months later, she remembered the fandom and soon looked it up on youtube,google,wikipedia and deviant art. The first video of furries and fursuits was a video titled anthrocon 2007 meet and greet with a fursuiter called Dameron in it. Once she had turned 14, she wanted a fursuit badley. Originaly she wanted a fursuit by nagowteena and she would have commissioned her if she had paypal. Frost then found mixed candy, which she liked their suits very much, but didnt like the waiting period. So Frost then looked all over the internet when she came across tutorials on furusit making. A few months later, she made her first fursuit. Since then she has had two fursuit commissioners by Australians. Frost now works at FFCreations(Forever Furry Creations) with Jay See(Melody) as the co-owner.

Other History[edit]

Fursuits for self use: Frost 1.0 (Made by herself, half suit and plain white in fur colouring) Frost 2.0 (Made by herself, fullsuit, new markings and colours) Frost 3.0 (Made by herself, fursuit head add on, new toony style)

Fursuits she wants to make: Neon Zeon the cat (her other cat fursona for herself) Penny the Panther (Her mum's fursona)

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