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Frost The Fox as depicted by WindWolf

Frost The Fox (also known as Thunderfox) is a furry fan from Indiana, USA.[1]

Frost's fursona is a blue and white fox.[2]


Frost enjoys computers, aviation and photography. He enjoys working with IT systems, and managing large traffic sites or projects. Frost was formerly involved with the RocketMap project, a mapping tool for Pokemon Go.[3] He still maintains proficiency in Python, but is not actively working on any major projects. The rest of his time is spent moderating Discord servers and volunteering for the OTW.[4][5]

Frost loves planespotting and listening to ATC communications. He can be frequently found on flight simulation networks such as VATSIM.

Frost is also a Furvana staff member. In March 2018, Frost became a conservator of WikiFur.[6]


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