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Frontier Galaxy MUCK (previously Frontiers MUCK[1]) was a role-playing MUCK with a Starship Troopers or Battlestar Galactica-style science fiction theme.

  • Addresses:
  • Ran from/to: 1998 - 2007


Frontier Galaxy MUCK was started in 1998 with a "cold war" science fiction theme. The warring factions were the The Fist of Eroupa (FOR) and the United Confederacy of Planets (UCP). There were also the StarClaws, independent pirates. All characters were furry rather than human.

Frontier Galaxy MUCK passed into different hands and restarted with a new storyline. One major faction was Alliance, an overbearing, totalitarian society with a very strict system of law keeping its citizens in check. (Public executions of the worst criminals are quite common, for instance.) The Confederacy (Confeds) was a more democratic nation fighting for personal rights that would be decided on a per-planet basis. The Confeds are waging a stealthy, underground war against the Alliance until they get the military support they require. Trapped in the middle, the Bum Town citizens (Bums) simply wish to be left alone, and for anarchy rather than control by the governments.


  • Harris - Head Wiz/RP/Building/Character Approval
  • Auto - RP/Build/Character Approval
  • Lion - Cruise Director. Shuffleboard ahoy!
  • Tanabi - Programming/Building

Past wizards[edit]

  • Red - Head RP Wiz (? - 2007)


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