From the Alley to the Big City

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From the Alley to the Big City is a story series and comic written by Shane Rufus and Pac. Based in the shared universe of the Furry Basketball Association, it focuses upon two main characters: Alphonse "Alfie" Norwich IV, a British rat who grew up on the streets with a violent rap sheet after having suffered a loss in the closure of his family's shop and his father's suicide, and Murina "Muri" Beaubonique, an ambitious American rat and sports agent for the FBA who is scouting for players. The two fulfill roles for each other: for Alfie, a chance to achieve his dreams and improve his community, and for Muri, a challenge to prove her mettle as an agent.

The story series was initially serialized from April 2013, while the comic began in July 2013.

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