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Generic flyer with info for Frolic

Frolic is a series of nightclub-based furry dance parties, organized by NeonBunny and Skibit. Occurring every second Saturday of the month in San Francisco. Since its opening on March 13th, 2010, the event has inspired similar furry events all over the United States. Frolic also host the annual events Frolic San Jose and Furries in the Wild.


Frolic is often found online via their website (



The venue[edit]

The Stud is located in the South of Market district in San Francisco. It is a 21 and over nightclub that has been operating in San Francisco since the 1970's. It moved to it's current location at the corner of 9th Street and Harrison Street in the 1990s. The venue also has a small backstage area that is used occasional as a staging area for live shows. This area is converted into a fursuit lounge/staging area for Frolic.

Most of the lighting is provided by the producers of Frolic, and set up that night for the event, as well as additional decor that help add to the furry vibe.


Frolic features regular DJ NeonBunny, as well as rotating local furry dj's who are active in the fandom and special guest professional djs from the SF club/event scene. DJs use a variety of equipment, CDJs, laptops & controllers. The main styles played tend to be house, pop, breaks, trance, with the occasional dubstep and goth/industrial.


Frolic's regular VJs are Skibit and Maliepono. Using high end computers to push out HD furry content that is sound and midi controlled. Programs used include Arkaos Grand VJ, Module 8, Vdmx, Madrix and Flash. Videos are used from furry video artist all over the world including some commissioned works. Also features a two 140 pixel mapped fur panels for your visual cuddling pleasure.

Live stream[edit]

Frolic live streams the DJ's and VJ's during the event at Frolic has partnered with the furry live stream provider to stream the event.

Special Frolic events[edit]

Frolic San Jose

On January 14th 2012, Frolic fell on the same date as the local furry convention Further Confusion. To avoid competing with the event a one time special edition of Frolic was held at a local LGBT club Brix night club in San Jose. Less then a block away from the San Jose Convention Center, Frolic had over 300 attendees.

Due to popular demand Frolic returned to San Jose on January 19th 2013. To accommodate the growing attention of Frolic, the venue Agenda Lounge was used. Offering two floors of dance music, lighting and over 10 flat screens of furry themed visuals. More then 500 attended Frolic.

Frolic San Jose is planning on returning to the Agenda Lounge to coincide with Further Confusion in January of 2014.

Furries in the Wild

In June 2011, Frolic offered a free, outdoor, all ages, daytime party "Frolic in the park." Located in Joaquin Miller park in Oakland, several hundred people came to enjoy a day of music, food, dancing, fursuiting, and games.

This event annual event returned in July of 2012 and 2013 for more of the same.

Frolic at Bootie

Bootie is one of the biggest nightclub theme nights in San Francisco, happening every Saturday night at the DNA Lounge, with the theme of pirated music and mashups. On occasion, Bootie teams up with other event production crews and hands over a room for them to provide content. On Saturday, October 19th, Frolic hosted the upstairs loft room and had Frolic DJs and VJs providing content, and used the Bootie green room for fursuiters. Frolic has been invited back to do this again in the future.

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