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Fritzy and Circa. Art by Grant the GM.

Fritzy Wolf is a gay male furry artist and writer who lives in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Fritzy Wolf is one of the organisers of Furvana, a convention proposed to be held in the Seattle area in 2018.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Fritzy's history with the furry fandom dates back to approximately September 2004, when Fritzy discovered his first furry forum, Yiffstar, and took interest. However his interest in animalism and anthropomorphics dates back much further. For some years before discovering the furry fandom, Fritzy took interest in Chocobos and fancied himself a character as one.

Fritzy's history with LAFF however, dates back to approximately November 2004, wherein Fritzy first joined the mailing list and attended his first furry convention, Midwest Furfest. Also in November of 2004, shortly after MFF, Fritzy met Circa Fox, a Michigan fur. The two have been together ever since, and on January 1, 2007 at the LAFF New Years party, Fritzy proposed to Circa. Fritzy spent the summer of 2007 living with Circa and his mother in Pinckney, MI.

The next year they moved back to Glen Ellyn, IL, and then finally to Seattle, Washington.


Fritzy fursona is 'Fritzy Wolf, a male gray wolf of approximately the same age as him. His bloodline is 7/8 wolf, and 1/8 coyote. His most identifying mark is the three dark gray stripes on his muzzle, alternating from right, to left, to right. He also has white chin, chest fur, and tail tip, a dark gray right foot paw, light gray left foot paw, and diamond markings on his forearms and back. Also dark gray cheek and shoulder patches, brown eyes, and dark head fur. This fursona has evolved slightly since it's original creation in 2004, however it has always maintained the the gray wolf species and the 3 alternating muzzle stripes.

Fritzkrieg is Fritzy's superhero alter-ego, who harnesses the power of lightning. His arch-nemesis is Ransom, who uses fire.


Fritzy began his fursuiting career with nothing more than a tail. His first tail, made in 2004 by Ecostar Wolf, was used for three years before Fritzy finally made a new one for himself. He has never had a complete fursuit.

Convention attendance[edit]

(*) Panelist (Iron Artist)
(**) Staff member (Artist Alley)


Since joining the fandom, Fritzy has taken a large interest in anthropomorphic artwork, and decided to take it upon himself to try and create some of his own. His primary medium is Copic markers with pencil accents. Fritzy has also been known to work in chalk pastel, usually on a large scale, however such pieces are only done on special request. Fritzy is always open for art trades, commissions]], and conbadges.


Fritzy takes a very avid and professional interest in poetry. He began writing in 2004, and has since never stopped. ery little of Fritzy's poetry reflects the furry fandom, instead focusing its direction on other influential parts of his life. His primary mentor in poetry is published author, Morris Stegosaurus, a fur very active in the poetry scene.[citation needed] Much like Morris, Fritzy prefers to perform his work in a spoken-word format rather than providing written pieces.[citation needed]


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