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Jaleo, also known as BullittJaleo and by his fursona's name Frison, is a Spanish furry artist whose fursona is a mixed-breed pony.

In the past, Jaleo worked for a small local magazine, and drew comic strips, art for school magazines, posters, murals, and logos. In 2003, he created a short comic as a thesis in high school.

Jaleo creates artwork of anthropomorphic characters and is an active artist on Fur Affinity, in past on FurNation and deviantART. He draws both clean and yiff art, and his artwork is characterised by the expressiveness of his characters. Most of his art can be found on Fur Affinity, featuring art from 2007 to nowadays. You won't find him or his art in any furry convention.

Jaleo does take commissions, but still spends time drawing random sketches, requests, and art-trade pictures. As a hobby, he also makes automotive designs.

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