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Friday Night Tech
Season 4 Feed Logo
Host(s) Caleb and guests
Update schedule Every last Friday of the month
Launch date August 2008
End Date Ongoing
Genre Music - Entertainment

Friday Night Tech is a syndicated weekend music entertainment show, oriented toward furry and therian communities produced by the XANA Broadcasting Network (XBN) since summer 2008.

The show is hosted and produced by Paradox (XBN Director/Producer), previous co-host Menokh and sometimes other guests. More recently, as of 2017, Takarias Rathen has been co-hosting with Paradox.

The show was originally never directed at the furry fandom. Paradox, one of the main show hosts has been a furry since 2005, two years before Friday Night Tech started. Over time through social networking websites such as Facebook[1], and art websites such as Fur Affinity, the show has become largely powered by the fandom and has remained furry friendly. XBN also hosts the radio show FurCast in the same studio, a talk show conceived shortly after Friday Night Tech's first broadcast, which orients itself specifically around the furry fandom.

The title Friday Night Tech was originally created for the interests of talking about the latest technology stories around internet communities. Now the show continues to broadcast, however it orients itself more around providing music entertainment.


The show broadcasts primarily using their own propitiatory video streaming network, recently adding support high definition, Flac lossless streams, mobile devices and other useragents such as VLC Media Player in addition to a basic flash player on the website. Previously, third party streaming networks were used, such as and Livestream. These third party channels still exist as a backup should the main backend go down.

The show also broadcasts a SHOUTcast MP3 feed.[2] HERE Most listeners due to finding links through social network marketing, end up landing directly on the Live Video page, keeping most listeners at that page. The show hosts constantly refer to the availability of the MP3 feed due to many fans having bandwidth problems & limitations therefore being unable to see the video feed properly.

The show has used several different Content Delivery Networks to store the video archives. Links are available on the show's archive for viewers to access them.


Friday Night Tech records the allocated 3 hour show, as a later downloadable (MP3) podcast. The podcast itself is accessible through RSS feed links on the website, and in the iTunes Podcast Store, HERE. The show also features a ways to subscribe page which purely focuses on different ways to stay updated with the show.


Friday Night Tech has adapted over time, to both new upgrades to the studio, and a change in viewer interests. It remains mindless, lacking in political correctness, unscripted and is produced entirely manual in real time (vs. a pre-set playlist). The show hosts take breaks between groups of songs to banter, elaborate on the current music and interact with the IRC Chatroom.

As Friday Night Tech continues to grow, statements have been made that FNT has become syndicated to several other furry broadcasting networks, including but not limited to: Paws-Up Radio, and FurFusion Radio.

Despite being an almost completely furry oriented show, it remains on it's original IRC network for the chat room, IrcFox IRC. The hosts show no interest in moving to a more appropriate IRC Network such as FurNet (IRC), since the current network plays a large role in services for the show, including IT support, through friends and partners on the network.[3]


Many genres play a massive part in the show's broadcast. Both hosts and guests bring there favorite tracks and play a selection of both of them. This conflict ends up making the show have a large, and well developed assortment of genres that shift constantly. Paradox always seems to be finding genres such as Drum and Bass, Electro House, Electro, Progressive House, Breaks, and traditional Electro, with some specialty tracks leaking into even more unique genres such as Electro Swing and increasingly more common, Glitch Hop. Menokh in older episodes brought an underground assortment to the mix, including some of his favorite genres, EDM industrial. The assortment of hosts and guests will range from minimal dynamic range hit tracks from Beatport, to calm meditation music and experimental electronica genres.

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  1. Facebook Fan Page
  2. FNT SHOUTcast MP3 page
  3. Show website IRC page #fnt

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