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Matthew Gafford, also known as Fredryk Phox, is a fox furry from Alabama, USA, that creates video, music, and flash animations, often in jest of certain aspects of the furry fandom. It is known that not too long back that he was employed as a 'Bail Bonds Man.

He has previously been working on an animated movie called Drug War, but the movie was lost due to a corrupted hard drive. Fredryk does not plan to recreate the movie.


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  • StarFox - The Animated series on [1] - A new, animated series based on the StarFox videogame franchise.
  • Introducing Fredryk Phox on [2] - Fredryk grew to fame from this first video.
  • The ABS Video on - Contains a collection of miscellaneous clips from several of his videos.
  • The Walmart Series - Fredryk and his friends and their repeat adventures in Walmart.
  • The Fredryk Phox Show Pilot on Youtube [3]
  • Fredryk interviews Sibe in a CNN spoof video (link).
  • Many short clips and homemade music videos made by Fredryk are available on
  • Fredryk is no longer working on his Drug War animated film project, the trailer of which can still be seen here.
  • The Phox and the Wulf This video was made by a fan, featuring clips from both Fredryk, and film-maker Silentwulf.

Among others.

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