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Gatsby J. Husky is a fursuiter who lives in Orchard Park, Buffalo, New York, USA.[1]

Gatsby learned about the furry fandom in 2010.[1] As of July, 2015, he is a student at the State University of New York at Fredonia, studying chemistry and biology.


Gatsby's fursuit character is Frederick K. Fox, also known as Dr. Frederick K. Fox, a fox scientist who is commonly seen wearing a lab coat. This partial suit was made by Spacecat Creations (Poprock), and debuted at Anthrocon 2015.

Dr. Frederick Fox was a spur-of-the-moment creation by Gatsby, after finding the partial fox suit for sale at Anthrocon 2015. Gatsby was originally working on an idea for a fox character, as a more suitable replacement for his husky scientist character, Gatsby. Frederick is based on Gatsby's study of science. The high title of "Dr" is a reminder of Gatsby's goal to earn a PhD. in chemistry, a goal he set after first discovering his love for science and chemistry.


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