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Foxy Paws, also known as Mr Fox, Mr Paws, Mr Foxy Paws, or just Foxy to his friends, is a furry author and artist from Norwich, England.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Foxy Paws has been a furry for most of his life, in one way or another, but first registered online in 2012, and then began attending furmeets in Norwich from 2013.


Foxy Paws' fursona is a rusty-coloured urban fox (Vulpes vulpes) with green eyes and a white-tipped brush. He has white ears with rusty trim, white paw pads, a white muzzle with a black tip, and a white underbelly. Foxy is often seen in black leather pants, with a silver chain disappearing from a silver-buckled black belt into his left-paw pocket.


The Frodo Series[edit]

The Frodo Series is a collection of short stories based around the experiences of a young gay dalmatian named Frodo. They were inspired by, and dedicated to, Fido815, and they are published on Mr Foxy Paws' Fur Affinity and SoFurry pages.

  • Rex - Note: "Rex" is considered to be part of the Frodo Series (even though it features a different dalmatian, named Rex), because it was a pilot story for the series.
  • Malcolm
  • Ros
  • Julia
  • Harvey
  • Rupert
  • Roger
  • Diesel
  • Harvey II

The Boo and Kye Series[edit]

The Boo and Kye Series is a collection of short stories based around a pet skunk (Boo) and his dragon master (Kye). They were inspired by Blue Voltaire (SkunkishBlue) and Kaidron Dragon, and they are published on Mr Foxy Paws' Fur Affinity page.

  • Biscuit
  • Hungry
  • Musty
  • Taster - Note: The storyline and original narrative for Taster were by Blue Voltaire, and restyled by Foxy Paws.
  • Rainfall
  • Mall
  • Dawning
  • Frills
  • Diesel
  • Schooling
  • Outfoxed
  • Attitude

Other work[edit]

Other work includes a selection of poems which are published on Mr Foxy Paws' Fur Affinity page.

List of fictional characters[edit]

The principal fictional characters created by Foxy Paws include:

  • Alfred - A feral great dane.
  • Blaze - A dragon, inspired by Drayke Blaze.
  • Boo - A skunk, inspired by Blue Voltaire.
  • Frodo - A dalmatian, inspired by Fido815.
  • Diesel - A doberman.
  • Harvey - An expert and university lecturer on human/animal sexuality.
  • Julia - A young lady whom Frodo enlightens.
  • Kye - A dragon, inspired by Kaidron Dragon.
  • Laura - A female assistant to Harvey.
  • Malcolm - Original master of Frodo.
  • Musty - A skunk.
  • Rex - A dalmatian, the forerunner to Frodo.
  • Ricky - A rat, the mate of Robby.
  • Robby - A rat, the mate of Ricky.
  • Roger - FiancĂ© of Rupert.
  • Ros - A young lady who is attracted to Frodo.
  • Rupert - FiancĂ© of Roger, who adopts Frodo.
  • Victor - A feral Irish wolfhound.

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