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Juliana "Foxy" Fennec is a twenty-something anthropomorphic artist from Washington, U.S.A. Her artwork revolves around cute things and the "slice-of-life" genre.

Foxy tends to be more of a "funny animal" than a "furry". Foxy's artwork was inspired by a lifelong love for comic books, pin-up art, Disney and Warner Bros. She has been drawing anthropomorphic characters for over 25 years, but only became active in the fandom in 2003. She was the guest of honor at All Fur Fun 2008.


Foxy Fennec is a medium-sized anthropomorphic Abyssinian fennec fox, which is to say she is a hybrid of Abyssinian cat and fennec fox. She is softly built with plenty of curves. Her hair is of medium-length and may vary in color (usually is a medium reddish-brown). She essentially takes the form of a humanoid fennec fox with Abyssinian markings and a cat-like demeanor. She serves as a fantasy role-play character for her creator, who does not take furry super-seriously.


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