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Foxtailhigh in general[edit]

Foxtailhigh has been a member of the furry community as of April 16th 2008 and still is to this very day. He has made a collection of videos in the past that has got him known by the furry fandom and the reason why he continues to be a furry. The videos he makes can be a selection of "serious" to just plain fun videos which can be talk videos, Garry's Mod, "Youtube poops" and other video gameplay videos.

Facts about Foxtail[edit]

Foxtail is a fox furry who goes under a lot of things he is in the real world, for example: He's Scottish, same likes and dislikes, accent, same height and size, hair colour and overall personality. Foxtail is a proud Scottish furry and quite a rare one to as he finds it hard to find other Scot furries, he knows a few just not enough.