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Foxtailedcritter's fursona

FoxTailedCritter, also known as FoxTail (real name Jonathan Ellison, born November 2, 1994 in New South Wales), is an anthro artist, fursuiter, Brisfur, and Nazi fur. He lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

In real life, FoxTailedCritter is a tall and skinny femboi, with dark purple hair, and often wear's purple clothes and a collar. He is also often seen with some glow sticks at hand.


[edit] Fandom involvement

FoxTailedCritter is often seen on Furstralia's forums, and is an administrator of the Brisbane Cityfurs, a furry meet-up in Brisbane, Australia. He also creates fox tails for sale on FurBuy.

Foxtailedcritter is a member of the following groups:

[edit] Fursona

His fursona is an anthropomorphic purple fox with wings. Often his fursona is depicted as a Nationalsozialistischen Gestapo-SS-Oberst-Gruppenf├╝hrer (National Socialist SS General), in purple clothes.

FoxTailedCritter has distinct markings around the eyes like a raccoon. He has leathery wings and a set of large fangs.

[edit] Convention attendance

[edit] Controversy

FoxTailedCritter was permanently banned both from the website for hacking into several members's accounts, including the site's administrator, on various occasions,[citation needed] and the Central Brisbane Furmeet for threatening other members.

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