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Foxicon was a forum for a proposed furry convention to be held in Iowa, "targeting mid to late 2014 for the first convention"[1] according to a January 2012 website post. A March 2012 Twitter post stated "Still a lot of progress going on behind the curtain, so keep up with it on our forums & website!"[2] A year later, in April 2013, the most recent news items on the website were still January 2012.[3]

In September 2013 Sedary Raymaker posted "Due to lack of interest in creating an inclusive Iowa furcon, Foxicon sites are shutting down."[4]


On March 24th, 2011 the question was asked by Cute Kitsune, "Why don't we have a Fur Con in Iowa?" In answer to that question a website was put up the next day by Striker. They decided on a name on April 8th, 2011: F.o.X.I. which stood for Furs of Xenografted Iowa. By April 21st 2011 the staff settled on "a compromise. The name "Foxi" will stay, but is no longer an acronym."[5]


The Main Board aka Council listed on the website in June 2011 were "acting chair" Cute Kitsune, Sedary (Kevin Keeney), and Kitfox (Becky Holmes).[6]

The members of the Convention Staff group on the Foxicon Community forum were Sedary Raymaker, Cute Kitsune, Shadow Fox Kitfox, DReaper3, and Dante Padfoot.[7]

Other staff[edit]


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