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Foxglove was a female bat character appearing in a single episode of the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers television animation series.


Foxglove worked for the villain Winifred Witch to get ingredients to cast an evil spell. She eventually became friends with the Rescue Rangers. Along the way, she falls head over heels in love with Dale, and isn't afraid to show it, constantly flirting with him. It is unknown if he feels the same way.

Update: Foxglove reappeared in the new Chip n Dale Comic published by Boom Studio om issue #2. You also meet her father in that issue. There's a few allusions to a relationship between Dale and Foxglove and Dale exclaims out loud that he was going to, "Tell [her father] that Fox glove and I..." There may be more to come from that semi-official source



Foxglove's sole appearance was in the episode Good Times, Bat Times, which first aired on February 21, 1990.


Many thought she would be a perfect addition to the Rescue Rangers, even though after the end of the episode she simply disappeared, never to be mentioned again on the show. Entire websites were created that were dedicated to Foxglove, based on this single appearance. Much porn is made of her.


The voice behind Foxglove, Lahwhinie and several other extras was actress Deborah Walley, who also played in the fifties teen movies Beach Blanket Bingo, Gidget Goes Hawaiian, and Ski Party, among others.

Walley died in May 2001; she was the only cast member of the Rangers known to have had contact with the cartoon fandom, and her loss was keenly felt. If they show any more Foxglove appearences, they are going to have to find a replacement for Walley.

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