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Foxflame's fursona, drawn by Regandor.

Foxflame is a Second Life builder and gamer, who lives in Canada.

Foxflame has a mate,[who?] and both of them are active gamers. They are in a closed relationship.


[edit] Fursona

Foxflame's fursona is a fox with purple hair, green eyes, a red and black wristband, brown feet and hands, and a white tailtip. His favorite colors are purple and pink.

[edit] History

Foxflame found out about the furry fandom in 1998, and has been looking at, and been interested in, furry art ever since.

[edit] Interests

Foxflame likes computer games, and the Xbox and Nintendo DS game consoles. Games he likes to play include Minecraft, Second Life, Borderlands, Serious Sam, Killing Floor, and Rift.

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