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Fox kit, also known as chibifoxkit, is a member of the furry community. He's a babyfur, and writer for the community. He is into RP is on IMVU as kitsnfox or lil kit. He's also an active member of but none knows his real username.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Fox Kit is not only a writer, but runs a small time news letter on many furs in the community that is published once a month and has a small group of followers that as of now has about 200 subscribers.The newsletter itself can only be found on a small underground website and needs a password to access. The only way to get it is by messaging him on IMVU under the user name Kitsnfox.


His persona is usually a small pinkish white fox kit who has on some times a footed sleeper or onesie, a pink shirt that says "lil angel of hell" and a pink diaper, or purple overalls with a bulky diaper on. Other times he'll be wearing a fishnet shirt, a black trench coat with blue flames at the end of it and black pants with the legs rolled up to his ankles along with ninja sandles (kind of like in the anime Naruto). His age is uasally 2-4 years of age. He posses a few magical abilities from his kitsune abilities such as foxfire, transformations (usually his age, height and overall size.Sadly most of his magic backfires on him changing something like his gender or mental age.He has a child's longsword that he carries around on his back called "kutamica". He is a well known with machinery and has an IQ of (according to Termans chart) 179. Going by the name of "Chibi F. Kit," a play on his common username chibifoxkit, while he does have an older fursona, and even a teen fursona, they are rarely used and only on special occasions.


Early life

Born 3 months early in the year of 1995, Jake was a premature baby who has had some limited health problems including a lazy eye that has been corrected with surgery and underdeveloped lungs which were enhanced with the help of prescribed steroids. Often finding himself being above many of his peers intellectually, he became bored in school and thus simply stooped trying for some time, often being told that he "didn't try hard enough and he wasn't living up to his potential." Because of his family's lack of money, he often found himself moving around on an average of 1-3 houses a year, having moved a total of 24 times before the age of 18.

Later in life

Now at the age of 18, having found his place within the community, Jake H. as he is known to some, or simply Jake, is starting college in the fall semester of 2014 at Indian River State College, Fl, and has his hopes of perusing up to a Ph.D. in Computer Science as well as a degree in Robotics. Currently, he is in training for the Air National Guard in Florida in hopes of gaining the AFSC of Cyber Surety and going active duty after college. His long term goals are to become an Officer in the United States Air Force and going to his first furry convention. At age 16, he learned how to write his first programming language, HTML, and has since then learned C++,C+,C#,C, Ruby, Php,python,ruby,XHTML,HTML5,Javascript,JQuery,Youtube Api as well as having competed in various competitions in robotics and even being a member of team 3667 while gaining a foothold in robotics, though now he competes on the solo network. Jake also has programmed various A.I.'s to extensive degrees, writing his first "Smart" A.I. or one that can function outside of a very limited set of commands.

High school

Incidentally, having gone to four different high schools, having found stability for a little while while living with his father, a former special forces marine, he went to his second high school and enjoyed himself for sometime only to return living with his grandparents 2 years later. While during his senior year of high school, he was denied many senior events because of a lack of one credit, thus denominating him to the status of Junior, his councilor who he didn't have a very close connection to, which was rare because he would often bond with who his schools assigned councilor was, had his overall IQ tested, giving him a range of tests from the Standford-benit 5th edition to a psychological IQ test and various other little tests to see if he needed ESE and Special Education classes, only to find out that his overall IQ was 152, or genius under that particular test with 145 being the crop off. On other tests, he tested out at 171-174 with 160 being the cropoff.

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