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Fox Superior, a red fox fur, was born April 8th, 1993, and resides in Michigan. He became a furry on February 8th, 2009. He is also a furry artist that specializes in digital art and does requests and commissions. He is found on FurSpace, Fur Affinity, FurNation, Furry Teens, DeviantArt, and Xbox Live; all of the sites he is registered on have the same username of either Fox Superior or Fox-Superior and DeviantArt being the most frequented of all.


Fox Superior's main fursona is named Hunter Fox. Hunter has the same first name and birthday of his creator and is a reflection of his real self. A more traditionally patterned fur Red Fox, he is slim, with silvery blue eyes and a long snout, he is usually seen sporting an olive green over shirt with a blue paw pad themed T-shirt underneath, wearing khaki pants and a dog tag. His boots are specially tailored for his digitigrade feet. Hunter is quite shy and has two close friends when he begins highschool. Hunter is the quite the charmer, making his two friends wonder why he hangs back from socializing. He is also quite perceptive for his age and has a tendency to become very sardonic and highly sarcastic when provoked. This is what leads him to some of his troubles.

Fox Superior's second fursona is a shape-shifting coyote named KitsuYori. KitsuYori is identified by dark fur under the eyes and on top of his snout, his two tails, and heterochromic blue and green eyes. KitsuYori is only comfortable wearing just his pants, but also wears a small jacket. KitsuYori inhabits a world that is loosely connected due to dangers that inhabit just about every corner outside major civilizations; some cultures are highly advanced others are not. Kitsuyori is incredibly naive and sometimes very egocentric. Though not a fool, he often finds himself in the strangest predicaments.

Kyr'de Soraiv Arainai is a fennec fox with dyed black hair with fiery orange bangs. Kyr lives in the futuristic post-apocalyptic earth. He is part of clan Arainai which consist mainly of fennec foxes. He keeps his left eye covered and his pupils are a solid silver in color. Kyr is very much independent and a true introvert; he had only one true friend before the accident leading to his exile. Kyr is Fox-Superior's third fursona.

Real Life[edit]

Fox Superior's real name is Hunter, a teenager that likes music, art, and nature, and loves to meet other furries, and he also loves Foxes. He is a musician and plays a trumpet, but would like to expand on his talent and play instruments like the piano, violin, and guitar. Hunter is a gamer and loves playing on Xbox live and Earth Eternal. He plays games such as the Halo series, Turok, Team Fortress 2, Elder Scrolls Series, Fallout 3, Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2, Aliens Vs. Predator, and Left 4 Dead series. His favorite musical groups are Anberlin, Depeche mode, Linkin Park, and also likes various video game music, soundtracks, and 80's music.

Hunter aspires to take a career in Wildlife Biology and Art.

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