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Fox Saliant (also known as Fox Saliant Studios) is a website run by Saliant (J.M. Havens) and Dicydico (Kevin Hogan) to showcase various projects of theirs. Originally, its largest features were the comic and gallery sections which displayed various vignettes and artwork by the two. Currently, however, the site operates as a reference and operations site for Saliant to advertise and showcase their current works, having commission information and contact info as well as links to their tumblr blogs and various gallery sites.


Originally hosted at, it was the original site of Foxtail Comics and No Pressure, though they both went defunct when the original site changed format. Updates slowed down and finally stopped around October of 2008 due to lack of interest. When the creator's interest in comic creating was eventually renewed, they came to find out that they no longer had access to the original FTP, and therefore couldn't update the site.

The site remained defunct until new hosting was acquired in June 2009, the site itself going up sometime in July.

The first comics were placed on the site on August 24, 2009, though these eventually slowed down and stopped again due to Saliant starting college. The site remained sporadically updated until it finally stopped updating completely sometime in 2011. This was about the time that Saliant became involved in the My Little Pony fandom and began to gear their activities towards livestreaming and commission art. In 2013, the site was revamped to facilitate this and remains as a personal website for Saliant, though two comics based on tumblr are still accessable from the site: a revamped (but somewhat inactive) version of No Pressure and a currently active reworking of an old project of Saliant's, Various Happenings, a non-"furry" comic/ask blog (with some anthropomorphic elements, however.).

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