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Fox One was a black-and-white military-themed furry fanzine which was edited by Pelzig.[1] Its title comes from the brevity code used by NATO pilots to indicate the launch of a semi-active radar guided missile.[2]

Published twice a year,[1] Fox One ran for three issues. The fanzine's content covered "Military furries from all eras, small arms, uniforms, nose art, "good-girl (ala Vargas)" art, and more military themed illustrations. Pin-up style illos only with no text stories."[1] Issue number one (with an under-100 print run)[3] appeared "sometime in 1995"[4] and had an 11x17 fold-out centrefold,[1] while issue three (with a print-run of only 30)[4] was released in a colour-cover format.[1]

Contributors to Fox One included Simon Leo Barber, Steve Corbett, M.C. de Alarcon, Foxy, Guy Garnett, Bryon Havranek, Boss Hoss, Scott Johnson, Bill Koonts, Taura LearFox, Clancy "Mad Mac" McKeever, Ryan McKeever, Pelzig, Jeff Pierce, Mike Reed, Ted Sheppard, and Chris Whalen.[1][5]


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