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Fox Knight Comics is an American comic book publishing company. Affectionately known as "FKC", Fox Knight Comics are known for characters like Jogauni, Bruce & Chad, and Russel & Genevee. Recently they changed their name to cover more then just comics to Fox Knight Team. Most of the characters are fictional, and usually web-based at some point in time as well. The company was founded on August 20th of 2006 by Charles "Fox" Champion. Its headquarters is based in Southern California, with Fox being the editor-in-chief and main publisher. The industry it specializes in is comics.

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Fox Knight Characters[edit]

Most of Fox Knight Team’s characters have only made appearances in non-tangible media form, such as webcomics and web galleries, such as DeviantArt, and Fur Affinity. However, there are some of them that have appeared in Publications through RabbitValley.

Pangelous Characters

  • Russel 'Rust' Newman is a fictional character, that was born human and saved by having his essence transferred into the body of a half human, half red fox body anthro red fox. His whole like is turned upside down when not only are his memories gone, but he is slowly dying from the complications of the body transfer. Now to make matters works he has been auctioned off to the highest bidder to be hunted. His first appearance was on FurAffinity in random artwork. Other images are held in a private collection. His most recent appearance is in the novel Chronicles of Pangelous - Rusting It Up.
  • Rahn Genevee Skyler is a fictional character, was created in a lab to be the other half of a mating part of anthro red foxes. She made her first appearance in a comic featuring a kangaroo who accidently hits her in the head with a frisbee. However her true story appearance doesn't happen until the release of the novel Chronicles of Pangelous - Rusting It Up. While there has been no official release of her likeness as of yet, you can find random art of her on FurAffinity. Other images are held in a private collection.
  • Bruce Hanstid is a fictional character, half Rottweiler and half human in modern times, faced with the problem of learning to cope with being gay and being in love with a male anthro cheetah known as Chad. What complicates things for him is the frequent acts of misfit that Chad finds himself in leaving Bruce with the task of saving the day, while also performing his duties as a peace officer trying to work his way up. (Bruce makes his first appearance in a Fur Affinity base web comic called Bruce & Chad early 2007). Recently he has appeared again as a character in the novel Chronicles Of Pangelous - Rusting It Up.
  • Chad Mallawhacker is Bruce’s counterpart that is half cheetah, half human, with a knack for getting in trouble in the most innocent ways. Is not unlikely for Chad to walk into an adult situation and see it all as a game. The innocents of a child at times he can be more then a hand full for Bruce to keep track of. (Chad makes his first appearance in a Fur Affinity base web comic called Bruce & Chad early 2007)Recently he has appeared again as a character in the novel Chronicles Of Pangelous - Rusting It Up.

RubyLion Characters

  • Mishka Barkov is a character of genius level intelligence, and an uncanny ability to create anything that can be imagined. Being her usual job of auto mechanic she is found in a compermising position in order to obtain ownership of a car from the time of the humans. Being that humans have been gone from the world for over 3000 years it was very rare. During the act of the exchange of services for goods (in which she conned her friend Bia into joining) the (then admiral) Dice Akita, Bia, and Mishka were arrested. While Dice was dealt with by the military defense courts, Mishka and Bia were handled by civil courts. This ended with both her and Bia being assigned the ship the 'Crimson Tide' as Moral Officers. On her first mission the ship was destroyed. While it was exploding the device hidden there by her parents when she was a baby activated slowing down time so much she was able to rebuild the entire ship in a completely new configuration. During this voyage she displays her disregard to rights of others and uses them as guinea pigs as she wishes. As a pup, Mishka was raised in an orphanage alongside Anushka a red husky. Though they are not from the same parents it was stated that they were twins in order to dump off the problem pup Mishka.
  • Anushka Barkov was adopted by a wealthy family at a young age. Nothing is really known about her biological parents since before the time she was in the orphanage. Most of her younger years were spent getting in trouble from antics that Mishka did while they were in school. Once Mishka failed a grade for goofing off Anushka was finally able to establish her own goals and directions in life. She chose to go to the military to get away from Mishka. Once her sister had been arrested and placed in military duties on the RubyLion, and her surperiors knowing Mishka's history not only by record, but from Anushka's stories told they assigned Anushka under the same command as Mishka to keep an eye on her.
  • Sabator was born deeply in the belief of her people. Earth is for earthlings and all other species should be removed. She was so under this belief that she went against her religious beliefs of not altering one's body in order to display a point. During the destruction of the Crimson Tide, which was commissioned to transport delegates across the stars, she found her self still alive in the medical bay. While she slept her left arm was replaced up to the elbow, and her leg up to the hip socket with a mechanical one complements of Mishka and Micah. Still following the plan she tries several times to rid the galaxy of the RubyLion crew, but when she is caught away from the RubyLion and she asks those of her religious group to help her she finds that her alterations have been viewed as an abomination and she is left at the mercy of the crew of the RubyLion to save her.
  • Bia noted as one of the best crop duster pilots in her state she is conned into a night on the town with Mishka and Dice. During the night Mishka got her drunk and they were caught doing inappropriate actions. After being tried and convicted she was sent to be a moral officer aboard the Crimson Tide along side Mishka. While in her first mission the ship was destroyed and as it was rebuilt by Mishka in what seamed to a blink of an eye, Bia was commissioned as a pilot due to the loss of the prior.
  • Leopold 'Gimp Horse' was to be a peace offering between an alien species and earthlings. During the transport the Crimson Tide (which was transporting him) was destroyed and Leopold was found trapped in the bulkheads of the ship. When the ship had been put together Mishka had not finished the whole thing and wires and other hoses were hanging all over the place. In the process Leopold's lower extremity was removed and had to be reattached leaving him disfigured and an obvious bump to identify him in front. For the longest time Mishka kept him as a pet until Bia found him in her room and freed him from her captivity. After his existence was brought to the captain's attention, Dice found his abilities very useful and he was commissioned as a security officer aboard the RubyLion.
  • Richard Queed is the leader of the most ruthless space pirates the galaxy has ever known. Other then that not much is ever said about him other then the level of his cruelty, and the fact that he has others that look like him altered and employed to be just like him. It is said that he even tortures and scars them to look exactly like him. It is for that reason that it difficult to tell if the real Queed is ever dead. Only one knows him well enough to know which one is real. That is Esquella.
  • Richard 'Esquella' Queed Jr. born to the mortal enemy of Richard Queed 'the hyena's' she was taken as the spoils of the death of the last hyena's. Kept more as a sign to prove his ability to even own his enemies he was greatly crossed when he found out that the 'little boy' he thought she was turned out female. At the age a young age she was nicknamed with a more feminine name from the other pirates, hence 'Esquella'. After the return of her serogent father (Richard Queed) she was disciplined by the end of a blade across her left eye. Due to the toxins that Queed was know for using on his blades she lost complete motor functions on the left side of her face and her eye turned completely white. Only under extreme emotions will you see any part of that side of the face move at all. From that day, after a failed attempted to take Queed's life, she stayed on the run from him using all she learned as a pirate to survive.

Jogauni Characters

  • Salar is a fictional character created based on an idea from Luskwood, a company based off of Second Life. Being a member of the Ujyalo (also known as the Light Tribe of the Jogauni), he is drawn towards the ever moving sun to keep warm. Still very unfamiliar with the world, he is forced to learn as he meets up with Jama of the Chayam (also known as the Shadow Tribe of the Jogauni).
  • Jama is a fictional character created based on an idea from Luskwood, a company based off of Second Life. She is a very unforgiving and snippy character that has decided against her inherent ways of the Chayam (also known as the Shadow Tribe of the Jogauni) until a Ujyalo (also known as the Light Tribe of the Jogauni) male stumbles upon her forcing her to finally face the world she doesn't yet feel ready for.

Related to copyrights[edit]

While the team at Fox Knight Team own the copyrights to several titles they publish, like Tribes Of Gerldama, Why Rick?!, "RubyLion", and Living Portions, other titles like Jogauni are only given permission by Luskwood LLC to be written and published on Fox Knight Comics website. Yet Beyond Eternal, on the other hand is owned by one individual, Mikhael Barreto.

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