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FoxPhantom is an anthro artist whose fursona is an Arctic fox known as the Fox Phantom. His attire normally changes from time to time, leaving him in black clothing. The only time Fox wears white is when he mourns for someone. Ever since 2005 his art became better, he normally draws for others when he wishes to give others a gift.


FoxPhantom has been drawing since 2005. His traditional art has been shown occasionally since 2009. he's used tool paint sai since 2009, and continued with Art rage after in 2012 after his previous art program stopped working. In 2011, he has tried to make a comic series called Phoenix Rebirth. He stopped working on the comic on February, but continued with drawing it in 2012. Since 2010 he has worked his way up on So Furry, and Ink Bunny. He left Deviant Art because he disliked to how it become.

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