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FoxMajik is a furry fan. FoxMajik was originally an IRC nick on Yiffnet (replaced by FurNet (IRC)). FoxMajik nick was chosen to fit into the eight character limit for nicks enforced at the time, and to be as unique as possible. The name is in last-name-first order, and so it should be pronounced as "Majik Fox." Majik is the player's primary fursona, and most people call him Majik.

Majik has several fursonas:

  • Skyliner - A Skyliner is a custom made concubine animal somewhat resembling a cross between a sugar glider and an otter
  • Bear - A quadruped kermode bear named Majik
  • Skiltaire - Skiltek, an arboreal skiltaire
  • Care Bear - A Care Bear character on SpinDizzy MUCK and FurryMUCK
Skyliner Fursona Bear Fursona Skiltaire Fursona
Dason's character ref sheet by Mushi
Drawing of Majik's kermode bear fursona, drawing by Blotch
Concept art for Skiltek's fursuit.
Photograph of Majik's Skyliner fursuit, photo by Abrahm Photography at MFF 2013. Head by Jill0r, body by More Fur Less
Photograph of Majik's teddy bear fursuit, head by Jill0r, body by Matrices
Skiltek fursuit by Arend Studios.

Skiltaire character[edit]

Skiltek (aka Tek, Sparky) is a Skiltaire character.

Skiltek is a skiltaire who was captured by humans for use as a technical engineer on Kutek space station. It was thought that because skiltaire are fiercely independent and very loyal, he would make a good maintainer of the space station.

The Project Amber space station project was terminated in 1978 and Skiltek was released into society on Earth through an integration program designed to aid with reducing the impact of culture shock. Up to this point he had been forgotten about as a component of the space station project due to someone writing down his serial number incorrectly at the creation of the project.

Skiltek is the product of a breeding program known as Project A whose purpose was to develop skiltaire with enhanced technical empathy. He is a direct descendant of Enki, the God of Sweet Water. Originally the owners of the Kutek space station had intended to euthanize Skiltek as it was suspected that he would not be capable of integrating with society due to his previous isolation and his status as a minor deity, however it was thought that termination of his life may anger Enki and bring on the wrath of the gods.

It has been suggested that Skiltek was a facilitator of the technology that centered around Project Rainbow and may have indirectly been responsible for the loss of the lives of many people involved in the project.

Skiltaire character history[edit]

The character Skiltek was created in late 2002 on Tapestries MUCK after the discovery of several websites about skiltaire. The character was infrequently used due to lack of other skiltaire to interact with until his creator met Mark Merlino, the original creator of the species, at Conifur Northwest 2003 where the first drawing of his character (referred to jokingly as the IKEA drawing) was completed. Mark's skiltaire character Sy introduced Skiltek to several other skiltaire.

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