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Jacob "Fox-Jake" Elmer (born November 23,[1] 1996), also known as Mark Raccoon, is a Scottish American cartoonist, musician, guitarist, and song-writer, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.[2]


Jake has two fursonas; a fox/husky mixed breed, and a kangaroo. Both of them wear glasses and have spiky punk haircuts.

Comic work[edit]

Jake's cartoon work was inspired by the webcomics Transmission by FreyFox and Woods For The Trees by Thom "Roofus" Jones. Jake is the creator of Mikey & Friends and A Furry Future, which is a webcomic set in the year 2045 A.D., about comedian/comedy musician Ricky the Skunk.

Jake is currently[when?] the Lead Artist and Illustrator of a web stories, Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart.

Musical work[edit]

Jake grew up listening to country music and pop-punk, and is a self-taught guitarist. According to him,[citation needed]

I'm wasn't Good at Guitar at first cause I never Learned to read music Notes, I mostly Rely on my four simple Power Chords and Frequent Noodling. Not every one can be Eddie Van Halen or Richie Samboa

He loves playing string instruments; his favorites are the acoustic guitar, the Sunburst Fender Stratocaster electric guitar, and the Fender Precision Bass.

As of June, 2014, Jake is a lead guitar player and occasional bassist in a few bands from his school. His biggest influences are Johnny Cash, Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy, Blink-182, Sum 41, Luke Bryan, and the Zac Brown Band.

Personal life[edit]

Jake's family is of Scottish, Welsh, and German descent. He was diagnosed with mild autism, and used to struggle in elementary school because of this.

Jacob is a firearm enthusiast, and attends monthly shotgun skeet tournaments. His personal favorite firearms are Smith & Wesson .357 magnum revolvers. Despite his love of firearms, he hates hunting and is strongly against fox hunting season.

Jacob is also a "Rail-Fan" and is very interested in scale model train sets.


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