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Forza Ninetails
Forza (known as Forza Ninetails in Second Life) is a furry who represents himself with a character species that he calls an Amber Krowen.

Forza Ninetails (a hybrid avatar in Second Life) with flat and wide 'fins' that extend out of his shoulders, spine, hips, elbows, and lower legs. Amber Krowens also have long reptilian tails, horns that extend downward from his forehead, and often represented with bird-like feet. His race is one of many races of Amber Krowen variants.

In Second Life Forza has been a manager, head-DJ, and estate manager for AnthroXtacy back when it was on the sim Wisconsin. Long since retired but still frequents the club.

He spends much of his time creating energy-crystal bladed weapons on Second Life.

On September 17th, 2011 he was mated to Arhyn Viper Ninetails.

He is played by David Graham, from Western Australia.

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