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Well, I must admit, I was a little reluctant to join this community. The majority of the members here say that something clicked when they really looked into this, shall I say social network. It was quite the opposite for me, it was so gradual, I really didn't see it coming. It feels a little relaxing to just fess up and get that out of my way.

Now here's the convenient inquiry that finally convinced me to just go for it...

Some time ago, freshmen year of high-school to be exact, I met a girl in a computer graphics class. She claimed to be a member of a group who wrote stories based on their inventions of lives as wolves. Being admitidly ignorant at the time I never really looked into it, but later became slightly intrigued by the concept. She did informally invite me I guess, but I unfortunately never got to take the offer since she dropped the class early on due to less than adequete grades.

I know it's not really alot of information; I'm still not brave enough to put my real name up here. But if anyone could point me to any resources for finding a few matching sites, I would be very greatful. While I think I could recognize the url or the lay-out of the site, I'll try and see if her name ended up in my year-book, as I would like to get back into touch with her.

Okay, story time is over. You can refer to me as a noob, but I much prefer 'that guy' or 'kid with the name'. Even beter would be Dark Forces... which BTW, is NOT my usual screen name. (just don't feel like connecting much personal info with this account yet I guess) Well, if I feel any braver at a later time, I might just fill in that 'Real Name' field.

Hmm... sorry, newbie question, do I have to sign a first post like so? Dark Forces 06:05, 30 September 2008 (UTC)