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For those of you who do not know, since November 2006, I have been conducting a survey of the furry community. I’d like to thank everyone who has taken part, as well as the administrators on all the forums who have allowed me to post my survey here.

This thread is a notification that at the end of this month, survey responses will no longer be accepted. That means if you want to be a part of the Furry Sociological Survey and haven’t submitted your survey already, you need to do so no later than April 30th!

For more information on the study, just visit the website at:

Be sure to read through the statement of consent before taking part in the survey! And be sure to have your survey submitted to before April 30th!

Cheers and thanks, Kyle Evans

This post is informing folks that this is the final week in which you can submit your survey as the survey will be closing on Monday, the 30th of April. Many thanks go out to everyone who has taken part so far – the participants tally is over 250 furries at the moment.
So if you want to take part in the survey, now is the time to do so!

This is the last 24 hours in which you can submit your response to the Furry Sociological Survey! If you’re :::interested in learning about the survey, then go here:
To participate, then go here:
There are still quite a number of people who need to confirm their consent or clear up problems with their survey. :::If that’s you – please take care of the issue ASAP.
The final day to submit your survey will be on Monday, the 30th of April. (I don’t mind if you submit it sometime :::on Tuesday…but no later!)
Thanks once again to everyone who has made this survey possible!
Cheers and many thanks,
Kyle Evans (furry and psychology student)