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Hello Everyone!

I'm a TV producer who is doing a story about the furry community. I don't know TOO much about it but I wanted to post a note here to see if I could chat with people on the phone or via email to get more information? I can also tell you more about the focus of the show, who's doing it, where it will appear, and answer any of your questions.

Please email me at -- I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks very much, Levi Johnson

>>I know I'm stating the obivous for a lot of furs, but always be skeptical about the media, what with our past history with CSI and Vanity Fair. This person doesn't say what their show is or what they're about or even what country they're from. I'm not saying don't contact this person, but just be very cautious. Ok, public service announcement over. :) - Kyle