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I think we could do with some discussion of subcategories of people. Some has happened on Category talk:Atheist furs and (from 2005, but unresolved, and I have recently tagged the category with appropriate? in search of resolution) Category talk:Hyperfurs. Similiar discussion to the later has, I believe, been raised in regards to Category:Babyfurs.

I am now inclined to think that categories which rely on self-identification by the subject of the article may not be appropriate.

Consider, we tag someone who draws and posts the results publically with Category:Artists even when they have stated that they don't consider themselves an artist. -- Sine 19:34, 18 November 2007 (UTC)

Personally, I think that if someone draws and posts the results publically, I can add them to the Artists category (as I have a verifiable source for it), until they choose to remove themselves -- same as with any other information about the person. Someone can be added to the subcategories of Category:Geography based on verifiable info of their RL location. Following the same logic, for the categories under Category:Religion a verifiable source would be someone being known as a member of a particular religious (or antireligious) furry group, with posts on the group's forum and the like, whereas user's personal views, not expressed in (furry) public in any way other than by self-identification on wikifur, belong to a userbox. --Cubbi 20:54, 20 November 2007 (UTC)