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♥I need help with my channel, I want it to be bright and colorful. Could you please be a darling and help me out, and I'm sorry if this is spam, There wasn't page numbers. Please, all I'm asking for is text color, and yes, i looked at the html options and typed it in as normal imvu forums.♥

Channel? Are you referring to the IRC chat? Also, I'm sorry, but our wiki doesn't have page numbers - instead, we use page names. I don't myself know how to color text here; I use others' code for that when necessary. I've never used IMVU, but it sounds like the code you use there for color isn't compatible with the code used here. As for writing a story, WikiFur isn't meant to be a primary website. But if you have written a furry story or series of stories, and want to create a page describing your work, that should be just fine. -- Siege(talk) 23:47, 9 May 2008 (UTC)