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I've been written about in WikiFur AGAINST MY WISHES AND WILL for the past several years yet nobody here has even taken on of my requests for total and complete exclusion from this horrid database.

How much more clear do I have to be that I do not what my name written about here? I sure as hell didn't start the article that people have so openly contributed and I sure as hell shouldn't have to put up with lazy ass administrators who think that this simple request to be completely and totally excluded from here should just be continuously shuffled around to someone else to handle.

GreenReaper seems to think that he's complete god of Wikifur and that he shouldn't have to do a fucking thing besides keep his little minion pricks of administrators in line so that they do their job, which is apparently nothing, because...

...when I go to the administrators to tell them to remove my article, all I get is more bullshit thrown out at me saying that each one of them is practically useless unless they can all agree upon something or GreenReaper tells them to do something, and since GreenReaper seems to think that he's complete god of Wikifur and that he shouldn't have to do a fucking thing...

And so it continues, around and around and a-fucking-round it goes. I'm sick of this bullshit.

I've asked for my name to be repeatedly removed. I want no article about me, I want no more links, I want no more history. I want my complete and total existence here removed and exclusion given so that I'm never written about again. I wouldn't be asking to be excluded if I'd written this shit myself BUT I HAVEN'T SO I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO PUT UP WITH ADMINISTRATORS who refuse to do anything.

Remove my article, NOW. Please. This shouldn't be anything that needs some kind of voting or anything to make happen. I want my name gone, it should be GONE.


We know what you want, Mozdoc. That has never been the issue. It's not a matter of "nobody's doing anything", either. It's "we're not going to do what you want." This is because we don't think it's the right thing to do. And I say "we" here because, despite what you imply, there are plenty of other editors who feel this way. Feel free to review the numerous past discussions on this website to see who.
Your name is not your personal property. It is what we call you. In our society, people have the right to speak their minds about others, by name, even if they do not like what is said. We only exercise that right against the subject's wishes in exceptional cases. This is one of them.
You do not live in a world without consequences. You can't change the past, nor force us to not write about you; now, or in the future. Complaining about it misses the point: It is your own actions that have led to your current reputation. It's like Nixon blaming the Watergate scandal on those reporting it. Start taking responsibility for your own actions before criticizing ours. --GreenReaper(talk) 02:14, 16 March 2009 (UTC)

So kindly remove my name already. I do NOT want to be written about. How much more clearer do I have to make this? I despise the furry fandom, I hate this site, I hate every fucking person I've ever had to come into contact with. I do not want to even exist here anymore. Remove my name, or how about unlocking everything and allowing me to write about myself, how I choose, without anybody else thinking that they need to chip in? Because that is just bullshit.