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Okay, as I said in my last post I'm very new to this and figuring it all out right now. But I have a major issue. I've agreed to work at a summer camp that is cristian, the paper work is signed and sent in. On it it said i had to 'role model christian ideals' well, I personally think I do but I think each of us has had some sort of run-in with the church in one form or another. I'm quite sure they won't agree with me, label me a 'deviant' and either try to brainwash me out of furrydom or just boot me from the job. Mind you, these are not very tolerant people. They basicly follow the 'gays burn for eturnity' ideas so I have no idea what they'll say to me. Note: This was just a job to me, I tryed to get some tolerance into them but It was impossible. Now I'm furry and it kind of changes things. I really feel not telling them this really is lying. But I sort of need the money since I can scedual a job during the school year. Well, I'm quite befuddled, really what dose everyone think I should do.

Oh, I'm finding the furry community quite excepting, My ideas coming in here are being changed quite a bit. Xeans 21:42, 11 March 2008 (UTC)

Well, I think the big question here is why you need to mention it to them at all, and if so, how to go about it. If you know they wouldn't approve, bringing it up in a negative or defensive manner is not likely to be good. I mean, would you make a big thing about being a stamp collector, or a snorkeler? If asked, tell the truth - you happen to be part of a group which enjoys drawings and stories of anthropomorphic animals. If they start poking about sexuality, you can mention this UC Davis survey, which suggest that there are both more straight and more bisexual people in the fandom than there are homosexuals.
There are plenty of Christian furs out there, and in fact furries do pretty well at the whole idea of brotherly love, playing the Good Samaritan, not stealing from one another (when it does happen, there's outrage), being compassionate and forgiving those who have caused problems before, etc. I think if you display and encourage these qualities while working at the camp, you should be fine.
If you really have problems with that, tell them that you feel you cannot provide the role model they are seeking and they will probably cancel your contract without too much fuss. Of course, you'd have to find another job. --GreenReaper(talk) 19:10, 13 March 2008 (UTC)
Also, don't feel that because you identify as furry you necessarily have to tell everyone you come across. I know well enough to keep my furryness separated from areas in which it may not be appropriate (such as work or school) - and just because you've newly found yourself as a fur doesn't mean you even have to bring it up at all in terms of mentioning it to your superiors or discussing it at all with those you'd be supervising yourself. It's not lying - there are just proper venues for expressing personal things, and jobs aren't necessarily one of them. I don't go around telling my bosses and teachers that I'm bisexual or anything else personal, so why wouldn't furryness be considered the same sort of private matter? Good luck, regardless. Spaz Kitty 19:20, 13 March 2008 (UTC)

Yeah, thanks for enforcing my decision I arrived at last night, I guess I'm still coming out of a stage of low-grade freak out right now. This whole thing was quite jarring Xeans 23:08, 13 March 2008 (UTC)