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is it possible that i can get the entire stuff moved over on the dragonfan12000 moved over to the dragonfan page that was just made and removing the dragonfan12000 page please but add all the info to the dragonfan page from the dragonfan12000 page.

Hey there, I'm not sure what you're asking here - it seems you want content from dragonfan12000 moved to the page Dragonfan, correct? Currently, there is no content on Dragonfan12000, so there's nothing to move. :3 If that's not what you meant, please feel free to reply and try and direct me in the right direction, and I'll help you get anything moved that I can. --Banrai | talk (05/02/07) 15.41 (UTC)

yes and all i know of that is on the dragonfan12000 page is mostly written stuff.this is what i want moved over to the dragonfan page and all this below is what remains on that page and there is a few image links on the dragonfan page i need to be added to the page because below was not added to the dragonfan page same with the old and new dragonfan because it was not recently fixed up and this stuff below needs to be put on the dragonfan page of wikifur.

Holiday Dragon Short Story Project this project was started last year and i was inspired to do this from my library friends in RL they told me to do it so i did and i was happy with the result because i have done quite a lot of these.also this project belongs to me and i am the one who created this project and the other stories i wrote from it.

Dragonfan Hooper: i am known as dragonfan hooper on Second Life in my dragonfan av most of the time.i have submitted a pic here of my av i have started on 07/12/2006 and i love going to furry clubs on Second Life.i used to have a career in starfleet command second life quadrant and it was short lived i didn't go any further than Ensign so i quitted that part of Second Life.i am very active on there and i am online often i've bought a lot of avs and clothing.also i am a mentor and greeter on second life since 10/15/2006.

Alright, I'll go in an have a look at what I can do to get that information back on the page Dragonfan for you. I had edited your article but it was re-edited by another and he removed a lot of the 'fluff', however if you want the information included I don't see a problem putting it back. :) --Banrai | talk (05/02/07) 15.41 (UTC)

i need a full edit and clean up over on the dragon earth part of the dragonfan page because i added about dragon earth adn i need a full edit and fixed up please.also the rest of the info needs full editing too because i added new stuff to the dragonfan wikifur article —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Dragonfan12000 (talkcontribs) .

I added in a cleanup tag for the time being. I'd like to point out to you also that WikiFur is not a free host or webspace provider. If you're looking for an article that goes into high levels of detail about yourself, we might recommend moving it into a User: space page instead. --Douglas Muth 19:02, 2 May 2007 (UTC)

i blame myself for that sir and i didn't know any better so i removed 1 section of it and i am going to reduce the amount of stuff on the dragonfan page so i can be less about it.i know that i was wrong to put that much info into there and what i am going to do is remove a few more parts of it so it's reasonable to the guidelines and policy to your website.the dragon earth section did not get edited to be more clearer but for now i am going to cut down on it because i feel bad for submitting so much info to that page.right now i will clear up a good amount of the stuff and make it more reasonable to my fursona.again please forgive me that i should know a lot better to not submit so much info on there.