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hello, this is my first time on this, and i thought i might introduce myself.

first of all im only 16, and only considered myself a furry for atmost 4-3 years, but i acted like an animal when i was a little kid doing things like playing as animals with other kids, or scraching/hising/growling at or to parents often made me sitt down watch movies such as balto,watership down, lion king and disneys robin hood, to distract me. oh and a nice little note, my dad tells me not long before i was born he tryed a ritual to make himself a werewolf, but it didnt work. now in days i have no fursuit or fursona yet(i think thats what they call ur furry personality or charater) im told im strange crazy and scary.i have a tendencies to be hyper, long winded,and have a miner habbit of acting like a wolf but mostly quiet and dark,my family already knows what i am and they dont care, most of my best friends know (which in the progress of admitting this i found out that two were furries themselfs) i have a habbit of calling furries my brothers and sistrs and treat them as family dispite only knowing afew. im still having trouble desiding to let it fooly open that im one.i apologize if it was long i just wanted to be understood 100%. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Violently frenzied wolf (talkcontribs) .

Welcome, and I think you will find yourself in good company among other furry fans. We don't have a lot of general discussion here on WikiFur except insofar as it relates to the articles and content of the site, but you're welcome to read, and as you see fit, contribute to the articles, or to discuss anything that might be done to improve them on the articles' respective talk pages. To get into general discussions with other furry fans, there are lots of resources out there. Check out our Websites category and our List of furry discussion forums for numerous possibilities, and if you're on LiveJournal, take a look at the List of furry LiveJournal communities. --mwalimu 07:33, 22 January 2008 (UTC)