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Sorry, instead of discussing the topic across several articles, I will concentrate it into one, to give less headaches to other colleagues, and stop my hears from burning /=).

I started several Disambiguations pages, too may at the same time. As suggested, I took them of Wikifur, to work offline, taken into account the suggestions to conform more to the Wikipedia (disambiguation) format than mu own type, and presenting the way I was going to go about it.

Move Disambiguation pages offline to format them.

  • Change title from Fox to Fox (disambiguation).
  • Initial header" (as Wikipedia's), "The fox is a carnivorous animal."

"Fox may also refer to:".

  • Add sections the same as Wikipedia's disambiguation pages:
    • People
    • Characters
    • Entertaiment
    • Media
    • Other uses (I was going to suggest further breakdown. I.e. Sites, etc)
    • See also
  • Lose double bolding, Fox to Fox (not used on Wikipedia).

After formatting the pages to the Wikipedia standard, add: "For other uses, see Fox (disambiguation)." to the Fox page.(*) Then finally, after adding the new, formatted version to Wikifur, revert all the Fox (species) in all the pertinent articles to Fox (Rinse/repeat with each species' disamb pages)...

(*) (Or Colleague Sine's {{Species}} tag).

During the discussion, Sine offered an amendment for a Species (disambiguation) proposal (said suggestion to be implemented on the offline edits working on), backed by conservator Equivamp If correct, his suggestions was thus:

  • Move XXXX (species) name to XXXX
  • Add {{Species}} tag on newly renamed XXXX page
  • Move all articles with XXXX on it to the disambiguation page. As with Wikipedia disambiguation pages, small directed blurb about XXXX on top, followed with names containing XXXX in it(**)
  • Change [[XXXX (species)|XXXX]] in articles with it to [[XXXX]]

(**) Not all XXXX animals/characters/fursonas (e.g. No Sheila Vixen on Fox (disambiguation) [no Fox in name], as suggested by colleagues)

Sine announced the coming up implementation of his proposal. On that note, I made an edit to the Fox (species) article prior to the move. No dissenting opposition to the format aligning itself to the Wikipedia counterpart.

Article Coyote (disambiguation) is edited on January 24, 2012, removing majority of names from article. Point made about it by me why.

Article Donkey (disambiguation) is edited on January 24, 2012, formatting page per Wikipedia's standards. Point made about it by Sine why.

Conclusion: As per my written proposal, and colleague Greenreaper's point on the matter:

Forum:Forum:WikiFur:Species and (Disambiguation) pages discussion
"In this case, and perhaps in all generic species cases, Fox should be reserved for what is currently Fox (species), and the disambiguation page should be Fox (disambiguation), linked at the top of Fox. This is how Wikipedia does Fox and its disambiguations (with vixens separate)."
Forum:Forum:WikiFur:Species and (Disambiguation) pages discussion

...I would like to ask, once more: I need to defer to discussion, again, how are we going to go about this, as a query for ongoing offline edits, and future ones. As an editor asking for input, and based on what I received for such (Greenreaper, colleague mwalimu), with non-changelled edits made prior to today, and in progress inclusion of Sine's WikiFur:Species proposal, I thought the matter settled.

Thoughts then? - Spirou 21:20, 24 January 2013 (EST)

The question was also raised about capitalization of species names with more than one word, such as Fennec Fox. Once upon a time I did a major edit to Fox that discussed a lot of different species and had all the species names lowercased, even the ones that had articles. Someone later went back and capitalized all the species names(a move I didn't particularly agree with but it wasn't a big deal and the consensus at the time seemed to be in favor of capitalizing) (most of the edit was later removed for having too much wikipedia-like information about RL species).
As for Spriou's proposal, I concur with it for the most part. I could probably nitpick the verbiage of the templates, and whether things should be bolded or italicized, but I agree about what articles should be named, and what subsections the disambiguation articles should have (though we can be flexible according to what works in any given instance). The only further comment I would make is that I don't think we should go overboard with, say, including everyone who has a species name, e.g. 'Fox', as part of their name in the disambiguation page. I would suggest as a guideline that if there is a reasonable chance someone might refer to a person or character as 'Fox' then they should be included. "Fox Mulder" or "Fox Cutter" would probably qualify; "Chris Foxx" probably would not. mwalimu 08:52, 25 January 2013 (EST)
P.S. Equivamp is a she.