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I recently attempted to register an account on WikiFur, in order to help contribute to the project. However, I am unable to do this, as it seems my IP address has been blocked due to vandalism (I am using a proxy IP to post this). Being familiar with wikis (I am an editor on Wikipedia), I checked the edit history of my current IP, and sure enough, it was full of furry-hate vandalism crap, so I sure won't fault you for blocking it. However, I am not the person who previously used this IP for vandalism, and I would like to request that this IP address be taken off the block list, because I would like to create an account and contribute to this project. I mentioned that I am active on Wikipedia, you can find my Wikipedia user page here. I have been working on several articles related to the furry fandom, as well as creating a few new articles about different furry conventions. While working on this, I had emailed the staff of Arizona Fur Con, and asked about some information about past conventions that I was unable to find here. Seeing as I had that information, I decided to register for this site in order to update it, and that's how it came to my attention that my current IP address had been previously blocked for vandalism. Anyways, I hope this issue can be cleared up quickly. If you need to contact me, you can do so at, which will forward to my real email adress.