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Please exclude some of my personal data from wikifur. I would strongly prefer that the following bolded information not be linked on my page (Ryan Campbell --

also known as Tube, Toob, or Not Tube, is a furry writer and poet who lives in San Francisco, California, U.S.A.[1] He was previously known as JT Skunk or JT Skunktaur. His fursona is an otter, and was previously a giant skunktaur. As JT Skunk, Ryan was the second administrator of the TSA, after Thomas Hassan. He is an avid weight-lifter and bodybuilder, and spends his free time watching movies, reading, bicycling, going to the gym, or playing games.

External Links: Tube and Not Tube on Fur Affinity JTSkunk on VCL Ottagon Way - Toob on LiveJournal

Thank you.