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Hi I jsut found a Incorect page about myself, Both Images and information is incorrect (im female for one)! I dont know who made this page but i feel insulted. Please can this page be either removed from wiki-fur or corrected. I did try to do it myself but the page is (protected) or something.

[Edit] Hi i got you message Spirou, Yet I don't know your FA account to note you. Also The DA account "shadow-wings1987" Is not mine but another persons. I'v recently been attacked by a hijacker and alot of information on all of my old websites has been tampered with. There is also information on the page i do not wish to be on the internet "sutch as real name and location" as it effects my personal work as well as my own personal safety. Iv only just managed to gain back the "shadster FA Acoount" So any Links will state incorect information about myself.
Try this URL, see if we can fix this easily: - Spirou 21:08, 30 August 2013 (EDT)