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Forums: Index > Help desk > Forum:Already Among Us 13:24, 10 October 2012 (EDT)Already Among Us is a June 2012 anthology (390 pages) of fourteen anthropomorphic short stories reprinted from professional science fiction magazines and anthologies. Edited by Fred Patten, it was released by Legion Publishing at Anthrocon 2012.

Contents: “The Star Mouse” by Fredric Brown (1942), “Number Nine” by Cleve Cartmill (1950), “Socrates” by John Christopher (1951), “The Model of a Judge” by William Morrison (1953), “Yo Ho Hoka!” by Poul Anderson & Gordon R. Dickson (1955), “Dr Birdmouse” by Reginald Bretnor (1962), “Dog’s Life” by Martha Soukup (1991), “River Man” by Michael H. Payne (1993), “Shurman’s Trek” by Roland J. Green (1994), “McGregor” by Paul DiFilippo (1994), “Doggy Love” by Scott Bradfield (2003), “The Fate of Mice” by Susan Palwick (2005), “All the Pigs’ Houses” by Mickey Zucker Reichert, “Killer Kitty” by Harding Young (2006). 13:24, 10 October 2012 (EDT)

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