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As many of you know, I left a while ago because I was so pissed at the way things are being run around here. You guys NEED to stand up for your rights, that is why it's so easy to attack you.

I left because of some people who had hijacked the wiki and were not being dealed with. I was weak, and thought that by taking the "easy way out" I could make it go away. It didn't. The only way to deal with a problem is to charge into it and kick it's ass.

That's why I'm back. NOT for WikiFur's sake, but for Therians and Furries in general. This cannot and WILL NOT be tolerated. I'm sorry to all that I made the choice to run in the first place, but I now see that the only way to end this bullshit that you guys seem happy with is by starting to fight, and not being a wuss.

Overly dramatic as always. - cchristian talk

I would advise you to be careful how you go about "kicking it's ass". Personal attacks are not welcome, and your language prior to leaving was becoming quite unnecessary. There's a difference between rationally explaining the truth and fighting brashly and irrationally. Spaz Kitty 05:16, 12 May 2007 (UTC)
Yes, I know, I wasn't dealing with it the right way, and I'm sorry to my own that I made that mistake, along with the mistake of leaving. that's why I'm back. I'm going to do this The RIGHT way this time, no matter who betrays me, no matter what lies are told by others. - cchristian talk