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Richard J. Kretovic's sex offender registry photo

Formic Hivemind, also known as Boris Ursinski[1] and Demitri Leborski on Second Life[1] (real name Richard J. Kretovic; born April 4, 1992)[2][3] is a furry fan who lives in Greece, New York, USA.[2] His fursona is a brown bear.[1]


On April 15, 2011,[3] Kretovic was arrested and charged with a first-degree criminal sexual act and endangering the welfare of a child,[2] after allegedly engaging in sexual activity with a boy under the age of thirteen.[2][4] Kretovic had met the boy whilst chatting on Xbox Live, and, after discovering that the boy lived close by, arranged to meet him. Police say that Kretovic met the boy on more than one occasion, and it was during these meetings that the boy was sexually abused in Kretovic's basement.[4]

The boy's mother contacted police after she suspected he had been sexually abused, and their investigation leads to Kretovic, who was nineteen years old at the time of his arrest.[2][4]

Kretovic pleaded guilty to charges of Criminal Sexual Act in the Second Degree (a class D felony), and will be sentenced to six months in the Monroe County Jail, followed by ten years of sex offender specific probation.[5] His case was the driving force behind New York State's "Operation: Game Over", in which 3,580 gaming accounts owned by sexual predators and registered sex offenders were closed.[6][7]


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