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Forest of Less Lust is a wolf roleplay website on that is a clean alternative to the mating site Forest of Lust. The site was created by two old members of the Forest of Lust, Wolfluvr4evr (Eclipse) and Redclaw. Redclaw felt ashamed about what went on when he roleplayed on FOL, and got one of his best friends on the site to make a new site with him. The original plan for the name was Redeclipse, but that name was already taken. Then the new idea was "forestofnotasmuchlust", however, this exceeded proboards' limit of 20 characters in a site name. Then, the final name was settled on.


Almost all of the skins and boards were created by Eclipse. Redclaw added a few extra boards and skins, but he was unable to do much work on the site because the site was created from his Wii internet channel, and that's all he can use to go on it. He however, sets most of the rules, the ranking system, and news/calandar events. The site's actual design is much like FOL's, with multiple locations for the players to post their stories. There are also many social boards for players to get to know each other a little better.


A complete set of rules can be found at [1]

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