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The Forest Tales are a series by Bernard Doove and set in the 24th century. They are largely focused on chakats, their lovers and kin, including a number of Foxtaurs as the stories progress. The stories are written (mostly) from the view point of Goldfur's sister Forestwalker.

There are 30 parts so far in this series. A comic adaptation of part 6 (with art by Kacey) was published in Four Footed Furries. Parts 16 to 18 were published as a stand-alone novel entitled Transformations and featured Ursa Major Award winning front cover art by Stephanie Stone a.k.a. Cybercat.


Forestwalker with hir mate Admiral Kline

Forestwalker, or just forest Forest, is the main narrator of the series. Forest is a jaguar-patterned chakat, sister to Goldfur, and chronicler of their family's lives.

Born on 18 August 2301 to Chakats Desertsand and Longstripe, shi is their second child. Shi has a very strong empathic talent and is very intelligent, and likes to help others to the point of meddling. Shi is very family-oriented, and has several diverse lifemates and denmates, starting with Kris - a red fox, Trina - an Arctic fox, Midnight - a chakat, Admiral Boyce Kline - a human, and most recently Leanna - a herm fennec fox.

Forest and hir family live in Australia, where chakats were created. Shi works for the Department of Conservation & Environment in hir capacity as an expert biologist, but has taken temporary assignments on starships to spend more time with some of hir star-faring mates.

Shi enjoys the new experiences, but still prefers the Australian Outback. Hir hobbies include bushwalking and rock-climbing, the latter skill learned from Trina.

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