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Portrait of Skunkhase.
Variants of skin colors caused by breeding
Head and Mouth
Penis structure, including the unfolding variant.
Lower Body, including the Digestive System.
The structure of a Drenath Clan Division.
Racism in Drenathi Culture.

ForcesWerwolf, also known as Nayrin Levi, Skunkhase, Skunkhase levi in Second Life (real name Stephan Thumann; born July 2nd, 1988),[citation needed] is a furry artist who lives in Neumarkt i.d.Opf., Germany. He is mated to RenaAyama.

Fandom involvement[edit]

ForcesWerwolf draws furry art, about half of it with voraphile themes, mostly soft vore.


ForcesWerwolf' fursona, Skunkhase, is a skunk-hare hybrid who has the ability to create and control fire. His other characters include Tanjia, Drena, and the Barbed Girls and Boys.


Drenath (Plural Drenathi) is a fictional mammal-like species. The Drenath's anatomy traits come from animals and creatures such as rabbits, snakes and dragons.


Most Drenathi are 1.5x the size of an average adult male Human, with a height of 6ft 4in to 9ft 2in. Their skin is light and glossy, but strong. Drenathi do not possess fur. A Drenath's flesh is always black. Pureblooded Drenathi always have Red skin.

A Drenath that mates with another-colored Drenath won't produce Pure-Blooded Drenathi, but may produce Red Drenathi, but it is likely that different colors will produce in the Eyes and Skin, and breed variants of things like Tail-Mouths and Penises will occur. Every Drenath has different looking Markings. The Markings are usually present on their back of their body. The Chest, lower Arms and lower Legs are usually not touched by any Markings.

Self-made markings or piercings are seen as degeneration of the Drenath Race by other Drenathi, and are treated as such.

Drenathi are extremely strong, but they have a natural ability to control their strength. Depending on how pure-blooded the breed is, this strength is more or less powerful. Drenathi have been known to live up to 200 years old, with adverse effects of aging not coming in until 160 years.

Body structure[edit]

Like a Snake, a Drenath's Jaws unhinge. These Jaws do not have much bite power, but a Drenath's fangs can cut things easily. The Mouth of a Drenath does not have a Uvula. A Drenath's Eyes are almost always Green, with a Slit-form pupil. However, a round pupil or a different eye color can occur. This usually only happens in non-pureblooded Drenathi.

The Ears of a Drenath resemble a Rabbit's, being tall with a pointed end. Like a Rabbit, they can hear well. Drenathi also have Head Tails, lacking Bones. Like their Ears, they can show emotion with motion, such as laying down or perking up.

The main body of a Drenath resembles that of a Human's, with the exception of large Wings that enable the Drenath to Fly. The thin skin is Flesh colored, with shadows being able to be seen through with enough light. However, the rear of the wings is completely opaque.

The main wing bone structure is made up of three "Finger" bones and one "Thumb" bone, as well as a bone to support the skin on the wing.

The Hands of a Drenath are humanoid though a bit thicker and stronger. Like a human, they have five fingers. Each finger has one claw which can not be retracted. Their are no pawpads on the hand.

Females, possess humanoid Breasts, which are rarely small. Their nipples are always flesh colored. Even when not feeding offspring, they can deliver milk. The legs and lower abdomen are pretty average for a Humanoid figure.

A Drenath's feet are similar to a Human's, with the exception of having three toes and claws instead of normal Toenails. Like with the hands, these claws can not retract. Drenathi can stand in a Plantigrade or Digitigrade stance.

Drenathi digestive systems are a bit different than most animals. First, a secondary esophagus exists in the tail, beginning at an opening on the tip, called the "Tail-Mouth". This opening has several different forms it can take on, with some being natural to the breed and others appearing in non-pureblooded Drenathi. The Tail-Mouth never has a Tongue or Tentacle within it.

The different types of Tail-Mouth a Drenath can possess.

The whole tail is extremely stretchy, made out of extremely strong elastic-like muscles to accommodate large prey. An opening exists near the beginning of the tail exists to store prey, or hide offspring in case of an emergency. Anyone or anything grabbed by the Drenath's tail cannot escape without one of four things happening;

  • The Drenath being killed.
  • The Tail being ripped off or cut off.
  • The limb or section caught by the tail being cut or ripped off.
  • The Drenath letting the caught person or object go

A secondary lung near the start of the tail connected to the main lungs lets air filter through the tail so prey can breathe. A digestive gland also exists here in Females, so if the Drenath so chooses they can break prey down into a meat pulp. This pulp is used to nurture small children when they grow too old to be breast-fed milk.

The Stomach of a Drenath digests everything in it's prey, even it's bones. There is no specific color for gastric fluids, meaning they can be different depending on the pure-bloodedness of the Drenath.

Drenathi are almost always hungry, meaning that they must eat often or eat large meals to stay nourished. Hunger is felt much more intensely than other feelings, and it generally isn't a good idea to stay around an extremely famished Drenath, as they are omnivorous and WILL eat everything in sight.

The Genitals of a Drenath are of a Flesh coloring. A Female's nipples and vagina do not have any special traits. However, the Male Penis has some differences. A Drenath's Penis is somewhere between a Human's and a Dragon's, having a Knot, though not as large as a Canine penis' knot. Soft barbs may develop, though not always.

Rarely, an "Unfolding" variant develops in non-pureblooded Drenathi, which acts like a Tail Mouth.


Tribal Drenathi live in Clans. These Clans are usually in Forest Environments. Clans run on the 1/6 relationship rule, starting from the birth rate of Male and Female Drenathi, with One Male Drenath for every Six Female Drenathi, and continuing with saying and rules surrounding the number Six.

A clan division is usually made up of One "Alpha" Female, Six "Beta" Males, and 36 "Beta" Females, adding up to 43 Drenathi per division, with the Alpha Female and the Beta Males making up the main leaders of the group. Most newer clans don't use the Division Hierarchy system.

Out of the Drenath clans, the most powerful by far is the Origin Clan, or Main Clan. Located in a mountainous forest, the clan lives in wooden buildings. The homes are protected from fire with a building technique, with some modernization. Traps, Warning Signs, and Corpses will usually be put up to deter people from entering Origin Clan cities, and only trusted Drenathi and Origin Clan members are taught how to get past the traps. Non-Drenaths that do make it in will almost always be killed or eaten. Some other clans have built comparable locations in other forests, however.

The Origin Clan is mainly pureblooded Drenathi, with heavy racist bias against non-red Drenathi or Drenathi with non-pureblood traits. A Child born with a non-pureblood eye color (Something that isn't Green) will almost always be shunned or abandoned at birth.

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