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ForbiddenFeline (born May 21),[1] also known as Jaqui Kitty, is a furry artist, fursuit builder, and fursuiter, who lives in Northhampton, Northamptonshire, England.[2]


Jaqui's fursona is a Balinese cat with a cream primary colour and light brown points. She has red hair, large blue eyes with heavy liner, and purple claws. Her primary accessories/features are her glasses, tattoos, and various piercings. Her most notable piercings are in her nose and ears, and her tattoos are two black cat paws on her shoulders.

Her choice of attire varies from casual wear, such as jeans and t-shirts, to burlesque-style corsets. She is mostly seen in casual wear.


ForbiddenFeline made her partial fursuit herself, and (as of October, 2013) her fursuit is in its third version.


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