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Foofers (also known as Helvetica Bold) is an artist and fursuiter from Fremont, California, U.S.A.[1]

Scabrous Vermicelli[edit]

Foofer's costume character is Scabrous Vermicelli, a Draconian mercenary, who Foofers constructed himself.[2] Scabrous was inspired by artwork from Margaret Weis’ Dragonlance novels. He took over a year to build, utilising a wide range of techniques, including lifecasting, sculpting, moldmaking and casting, airbrushing, and sewing. Scabrous' armour was made by a professional leatherworker.

Scabrous has appeared at several Renaissance faires, store openings, conventions and other events around Northern California.

With his knowledge and experience, Foofers has helped others accessorise their costumes, building the weapons for Diadexxus' Skaven fursuit Riptooth,[3] and the antennae for Moonbeam the space puppy.[4]


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