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Folxino's fursona design

Folxino, also known as Folk Fox, 弗克西諾, フォクシーノ, is a Taiwanese furry musician.

Folxino is one of allies of Ratteu, his's name is a combination of "Fox", "Folk" and "Cappuccino".


Folxino's fursona is a male fox furry. His characteristic is independent, shy, mature. His sexuality is unknown.

He likes to travel around the world alone, and he obsessed with the Celtic culture.


Folxino is the member of an independent label "Coffee Furries", which is formed by Ratteu.

The music style is light, positive, emotional. He's good at describing the imagination melody from scenery.

His voice is normal and plain. The genres is set to Folk, New Age, Post-Rock...etc which is more light and soft.


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