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Flynn as drawn by Electric Talia and colored by Flynn

Flynn is a furry artist intersex woman born in 1974.


Outside of furry, Flynn has designed or contributed to several 3rd party expansions of the Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game. She also worked for Nintendo of America. Flynn is mated to Jalen.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Her first experience with furry was back in 1994 when she joined FurryMUCK for the first time. Since then, she has gotten to know a wide variety of artists and fans, attended various conventions, and has become somewhat known in the furry fandom over the years.

Her experiences as an artist range from creating guest strips for various online comics, including AlterMeta, to various gifts and commission works, as well as designing her own online avatar in Second Life. Some of the furry artists that she's good friends with include AraKaraath, Cazzeh, Todd Dharken, Paul Defenbaugh, Jim Groat, Onissarle and Cuprohastes. She's also best friends with Gabby Koopa.


Her fursona is a Norse lindwurm, a humanoid saurian mammal with the head and tail of a serpent, as well as goat horns and large, distinctive earfrills. Although not a dragoness, she is often mistaken for one. She is also a hermaphrodite.

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